Before, everything was about the product. In the age of now, what matters is the ability of generate emotions, in order to communicate with users without manipulating them. Engagement, fun, utility, are keywords that answer  to the only one question the customers ask: “How will you improve my life?”. A mobile app is the ideal tool that adds value to the real life of the users, that in the 2017 will be more than 4 billions worldwide.

Developing a mobile App is technically simple. Complex is, instead, the design and the production process that must ensure a real added value and market performances. 80% of mobile apps have less than 1000 downloads and three out of four are deleted after the first use. Only 5% of them find the hoped success, generating valuable and measurable results. Xplored reaches this goal, always.


Fileni is one of Italian top player in poultry and first producer in Italy of white meat from organic agriculture. The organization decided to improve the relationship with its customers with a mobile app that puts in evidence the pillars of its philosophy: organic meat and haute cuisine. In Fileni Chef kitchen, you are the protagonist: choose your menu, approach the stove and, after selecting the right ingredients, cook them like a pro.


Pastry chefs since 1885, Panarello renew sits brand image and innovates its communications strategy. A free App, available on Facebook and on mobile stores, lets all the traditional genovese pastry fans play and challenge their friends. Jump behind the counter and control one of the Panarello stores: serve your clients, juggle among cookies, cakes and delicious breakfasts. The company entrusts Xplored for this ambitious digital adventure that aims to entertain and engage both the loyal clients and the new generations: To date Panarello App userbase is 360.000 monthly active player, developed organically with no user acquisition campaign.


The well renowned sportswear brand, tied to sea and sails, entrusts Xplored for developing the first North Sails Sportwear App. The primary goal of the initiative is the digitalisation of the fidelity card that becomes mobile, always at client fingertips. Fast registration and family multi-user login. Collection of points and direct access to the e-commerce. Geolocalisation of the nearest store and updates on North Sails events and news. A modern app, complete, comfortable and handy. Appreciate and promoted by the public as well as by Apple that featured it in the “On Deck” collection.


The italian most famous social network about sport, useful to arrange five-a-side football matches, becomes a mobile App. Create your own profile and witness the evolution of your statistics, match after match. Organise and manage your matches with your friend, vote and comment the players, the sport facilities, collects rewards and assign funny medals.

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