Fifteen highly specialized  professionals with key skills in mobile, social, videogames, and digital media. A proven talented group of people with international experience who have been working together with harmony and efficiency for many years. A trusted network of external adivisors and indipendent developers, makes the company flexible and agile, drawing from specific knowledge when the productive needs arise.

Management has more than 20 years expertise, that mix great product management and marketing competencies with deep technical knowledge in game design, programming and digital art. The clear and shared vision took the company to a constant growth, years by years, and has the ambition of keeping Xplored to the highest international level in the digital entertainment and communication.

specialised professionals
Developed Apps
Millions of players


Founder & Ceo

Founder & CEO, Davide has been working in the digital media industry for 20 years. His experience in marketing&sales and product management grants Xplored a leadership conscious of the present and ready for the future.


Co-Founder & CTO

Co-founder & CTO, Dario developed his first 3D engine in 1992.Vast technical expertise and 20 years of experience in the videogame field are his tools of choice in his constant creative push for innovation.

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