The new era of interactive toys, the Toys2Life sector, is claiming more and more shelf space, media interest and venture capital investors.
The creation of hybrid videogame-toy products requires high profile expertise in software and hardware development, mechanical and electronic engineering, videogame and industrial design.
Xplored’s established experience in software development is supported, today, by a team of technicians specialized in the research and development of hardware solutions for the Toys2Life sector.
From this team at the cutting edge of technological innovation, are born the RUNIMALZ™ project and the Playbrid™ proprietary technology (pat.pending). But this is only the beginning.

Runimalz is coming!


This fall, RUNIMALZ™ is coming: dominate cosmo’s elements, fight against opposing packs and evolve your creatures. Fully designed and developed by Xplored, published by 505 Games and distributed by GameStop, RUNIMALZ™ is the newest of “Toys2Life” games, hybrid products that evolve the concept of toys by integrating it with the videogame world. Using the PlayBrid™ technology (Xplored pat.pending), players can directly control the race using their toy creatures, by moving them on their wheels on the special control gameboard.

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