More than 60 videogames developed and played by 250 millions of users. From concept to design, from visual to animated graphic, from programming to publishing. We manage the entire productive cycle thanks to a complete, close-knit and highly specialised team . The quality of our products is recognised by international publisher and partners and featured on Google Store and App Store.

The proprietary engine, Xplored Development Framework, is made by sophisticated production tools and handles 3D animated graphics, VFX/SFX, physics simulation and multiplayer feature with server/cloud technologies. Our projects are always multi-platform on smarthphone and tablet (iOS, Android and WindowsPhone8), Web (Flash/HTML5/NaCl) and desktop (Win/Mac/Linux).


Rollercoaster Creator Express is a puzzle game set in the exciting world of rollercoasters.
Build tracks of ever increasing complexity using special pieces like Loops and Corkscrews to solve the game’s levels and thrill the goofy clients of your rollercoaster.
Tour the world facing increasingly difficult levels set in beautiful environements: from Europ to Asia, from Africa to America.
And when your rollercoaster is ready, enjoy a breathtaking ride using the first person view!

The title is available not only on mobile (Android and iOS) but also on destkop broswer (HTML5), the game’s mechanics and dynamic interfaces are designed to be enjoyable both on the desktop using the mouse and on mobile using the touch screen.


The partnership between the German board games giant and the ligurian videogames company is official since Dec. 3, 2015, when on international App Stores was published “The Winter Dragon”: a mobile kids game that tells a romantic wintery fairytale thanks to ten illustrated tables accompanied by a dreamy soundtrack. To help the mysterious winter dragon, a little child must solve a puzzle for each scene by placing the magical gems in matching empty shapes. After just two days, the game was immediately promoted to the first places in the kids section of the different mobile app stores.


Xplored launches its first self-published title: Burger bit, a video game arcade cabinet game by game mechanics immediate and graphic pixel art. The player must take the ingredients that are launched simply by pressing left or right on the screen and make them bounce to the serving plate, using the hat elastic protagonist. The more he saves the higher the tower of food. Burger bit is a challenge won by a four members team in three weeks, leveraging the design experience developed in years and a precise market analysis.


Pastry chefs since 1885, Panarello renew sits brand image and innovates its communications strategy. A free App, available on Facebook and on mobile stores, lets all the traditional genovese pastry fans play and challenge their friends. Jump behind the counter and control one of the Panarello stores: serve your clients, juggle among cookies, cakes and delicious breakfasts. The company entrusts Xplored for this ambitious digital adventure that aims to entertain and engage both the loyal clients and the new generations: To date Panarello App userbase is 550.000 monthly active player, developed organically with no user acquisition campaign.


Bubble Fish Party is a game developed for kids and appreciated by adults having fun while playing together, up to four players on the same device. Weird puffer fishes inflate and push each other inside a spikes-walled arena with floating power-ups. A cartoon no holds barred battle that crowns the aquarium champion. Developed by Xplored and published by Bulkypix, the game was featured worldwide by Apple and Goole on their respective stores.


Born from a collaboration with MPG (Ferrero Group) and Mattel, “HotWheels – The Burning Challenge” is a promotional videogame that features the famous toy cars. Choose your race car and challenge five pilots on breath-taking circuits, using the amazing Hot Wheels super powers. Developed by Xplored as multiplatform advergame, the title was published as mobile app on Apple and Google mobile stores, as well as free online  game on Magic Kinder website and arcade videogame on multimedia kiosks for toy-stores.


The famous surprises within Kinder chocolate eggs come to life inside funny and interactive games dedicated to each of the surprises’ family. Collect them all in the digital games as well as in the real life. Travel around Trendy Dolls world, express your creativity in MixArt, take care of Tender Horses and run as fast as you can in Formula Sprinty! An ambitious multi-project developed for MPG Ferrero: more than 10 games, localised in 28 languages and published worldwide on mobile and web platforms.


A bizzarre story of an escape in the desert beyond the Mexican frontier, among demolitions, acrobatic jumps, custom upgrades and cartoon characters. Absotruckinlutely a.k.a. ATL is an irreverent monster truck game, published under the phony label Baffo Games. First mobile game, self-produced, ATL is an all-creativity and learning project developed to test the abilities of the team. Appreciated by the public and the critics, it projected the company in the mobile world.

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