Web 2.0, not anymore online brochures. Each project must focus on ease of use for users, connected in interactive groups who became first hand producers of continuously evolving online contents, immediately available for the whole internet community. Brand Web strategies must be designed as dynamic and multi-channel, with an intuitive language and a user-centric approach.

Social networks are not only Facebook pages and cannot solve all the problems. It’s not only about the tools: it is about the contents, the relations and the people. We need to draw a start line and define a long-term vision. Xplored develops the client strategies, applications and web/social contents, offering from the project consultancy to the development of dedicated tools and products.


A experimental platform oriented toward digital marketing, Corso Garibaldi is an innovative, advanced mobile/web communication tool that aims to offer profiled informations, thanks to notification and geo-localised data. The user registers, chooses her interest and the web site updates the layout and the contents accordingly to her choices. The mobile version notifies the user with news, events and deals in accordance to her position. Ideal for territorial entities, trade fairs and shopping malls.


Jobfluid & Jobnaut help you to find the right people for you company, thanks to Facebook! Get in touch with the biggest job community in the world and find the professional or freelance that fits your company: fast, friendly and fluid. The project starts with the idea, simple and innovative, of connecting a demand & offer structure with the social network. We created a website, Jobfluid, where the job offers are published and conveyed by the complementary Facebook application, a place where the candidates are profiled in detail, daily engaged and naturally interactive.


Fly in the jungle with Flypets! Four funny flying animals are waiting for you to join the biggest challenge of the jungle. Take a card, get in position and launch your Flypets toward the electronic target: if you hit it right, the jungle will cheer with joy! Ferrero group entrusted Xplored with the development of the website dedicated to its Magic Kinder Toys.

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